Classical inspired Music


Peace Piece with Oles music for Karen Bently Pollick : Spotify    Soundcloud  Score  Score2

Dancing Suite to Suite with Oles Dance Suite for Karen Bentley Pollick: Spotify   Soundcloud  Score

Daladans for clarinet and orchestra inspired from swedish folkmusic. Demo:  Soundcloud

Jig for Alan, orchestra version from the Dance Suite. Demo:   Soundcloud   Score

Red Haired Tango, orchestra version from the Dance Suite: Demo:  Soundcloud  Score

Salsa for Karen, orchestra version from the Dance Suite: Demo:  Soundcloud  Score

Tango Orientale in a version for Clarinet Sextet with Kjell Fageus:  Soundcloud  Score

Salsa for String Orchestra is a transcription of the last movement of Oles second stringquartet
Demo : Soundcloud   Stringquartet Scores:  1violin  2 violin   viola    cello

Uzupis Constitution Song for violin from CD Peace Piece:  Spotify   Soundcloud     Score


Human Rights Suite for soloviolin performed by Karen Bentley Pollick:    Youtube

Uzupis Constitution Song performed by Karen Bentley Pollick    Youtube

Dance Suite for violin and orchestra premiere, highlights from
movements I and II:   Youtube
and the final movement III:  Youtube        

Sommarsvit med Ulla Westlund och Musical Seasons:   Youtube

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